Client Testimonials

From my very first meeting with Sue, she’s been able to provide very tangible, practical advice that not only got us unstuck, but got us moving towards a starving market for our product, and gearing our offering accordingly. I have no doubt that any investment you make in Sue’s expertise will easily pay for itself ten times over.

— Brett Owens, CEO of  Chrometa

In years of working with product management professionals I can say, without reservation, Sue is right at the top. She is simply remarkable. From technical knowledge to market and customer understandings to fitting in with the nuances of a team to professional attitude and follow through … she is as good as it gets.

— Martin Hall, Founder & Chairman of Karmasphere

As a product management professional, Sue brings a strong analytic process, solid technical grounding in software, and a pragmatic, roll-up-your-sleeves approach to researching and understanding customer requirements. She is insightful, thorough and driven to excel.

— Mark Coggins, SVP Engineering of Actuate

Without much prior experience in our target market, Sue was able to quickly understand our business. She hit the ground running and immediately made positive contributions Sue has an extraordinary depth of experience in the product management of enterprise software products. We received great value from the work she did for DemandTec and I would not hesitate to hire her again.<

— Kali Klena, Director of Product Management, DemandTec

Working with Sue has benefited me and my team beyond expectation. She was able to immediately comprehend the situation and started creating value on day one. She possesses an unmatched depth of knowledge in the field of product management of Enterprise software products. The advice she provides is directly actionable and shows concrete results. Her work ethic and her passion makes working together not only effective but very enjoyable as well.
— Anselme Levan, VP of Product Management & Co-founder, AgilOne