Why Us?

Simply put, we know our stuff, and we’ve done almost every product management task many, many times over.

End result? We’re fast, we recognize patterns and shortcuts, and we get things done right the first time.

We are able to contribute the very first day, and don’t require the usual 6-month ramp-up period that is typical of employee product managers (who typically work at fewer than 4 companies during their careers).

Here are some interesting stats about Sure Product Consulting:

  • We were founded in 2008 by Sue Raisty and count over two dozen software companies among our clients.
  • We have participated in the definition and launch of over 30 different software products.
  • We have defined requirements and user stories for new features in over 70 product releases.
  • We have conducted nearly a thousand user interviews and product concept feedback sessions.
  • We have done hands-on, detailed evaluations of over 300 enterprise software products (smart phone apps don’t count!).